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Acupressure is a technique used in ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on specific points used in acupuncture to balance energy and treat a number of physical ailments. The main difference between the two practices is that, while they both benefit your health, acupressure uses finger pressure and doesn’t require the use of needles. 

In many instances, acupressure can be just as beneficial as traditional acupuncture to balance energy pathways in the body and stimulate detoxification. Not only will this benefit muscles, nerves, and aching joints, but it can stimulate circulation and rejuvenate aging skin.


Tension, stress and fatigue are main contributors to frown lines, creases, and wrinkles. They collect around acupressure points and eventually form an energy blockage, which inhibits proper circulation. Both breathing exercises and acupressure relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body.

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"I visited Elite after a friends recommendation in both 2013 and last year. I find their services excellent and after my hydro facial I purchased some of their products as gifts. Emma and her team are very helpful and informative. Highly recommended"

Sarah Lewis - Strabane

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